About RMS

Real Media Solutions or "RMS" provides ongoing in-store newspaper subscription kiosk sales and door crew services for 28 newspapers in 7 states; promoting paid circulation on behalf of a variety of publishing companies including Gannett, GateHouse, Journal Register Company, Media News Group, Lee Enterprises, and Civitas Media.

In 2007, RMS facilitated an 82% kiosk production increase in Albany, a 40% increase for the Lebanon Daily News in 2008, a 90% start increase by building an ongoing kiosk program from scratch for the New England Newspapers cluster in 2009, a 40% increase in Northern/Central New Jersey in 2010; and has since expanded into dozens of markets and hundreds of store chains. Most recently, RMS achieved a 46% increase for the Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin in Q1 of 2013.

Based in upstate NY, RMS is always in the process of branching out into new markets nationwide and will work with you and your staff to gain an understanding of what it takes to reach your circulation goals and formulate a turnkey strategy to deliver the desired results.

Our Team

Rick Sheill

Founder Richard Sheill started RMS in 2006 after honing the essential skills and knowledge through years of hands-on experience out in the field; during which time he personally sold more than 20,000 newspaper subscriptions and recruited hundreds of sales reps. Developing and maintaining numerous markets around the country provided a unique insight into what makes a team successful. The efficiency, flexibility, and effectiveness of RMS reflect a real-world awareness of how today’s kiosk programs must constantly adapt and improve in order to keep up with an ever-changing business landscape.
Stephen Dugan
National Account Director

Stephen Dugan joined RMS in 2007 from the closely related field of credit card promotions; where he led teams at hundreds of trade shows, festivals, and retail locations throughout the United Sates and Canada on behalf of Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Drawing from over 20 years experience in intercept promotions, he produces up to 40 new subscriptions per day while applying his leadership and management skills to helping RMS representatives meet or exceed their personal income goals by remaining focused and maintaining a positive, professional attitude.